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General terms

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General terms

Elke dag een aantrekkelijke aanbieding!

  • Allium, opgetr oranje
    Kweker niet bekend
  • Anth. Cheers
    Peter Kouwenhoven Anth.
  • Anth. Cheers
    Peter Kouwenhoven Anth.
  • Anth. Midori
    Bouman Anthuriums
  • Anth. Midori
    Bouman Anthuriums
  • Anth. Nexia
  • Anth. Peruzzi
    Leo Kuyvenhoven
  • Anth. Pistache
    Kw. Marcel vd Knaap BV
  • Anth. Pistache
    Kw. Marcel vd Knaap BV
  • Anth. Previa
  • Anth. Tropical (red)
    Peter Kouwenhoven Anth.
  • Anth. Tropical (red)
    Andre vd Knaap
  • Chrys 1P Kira
  • Chrys 1P Pink Creation
    Kwekerij Waalzicht
  • Chrys Sotsji
    Kwekerij Retine
  • Chrys Zembla Sunny
  • Div klok 9, WOOLY BUSH
    Adomex Int. VIA VEILING
  • Freesia EN Rainbow
    Firma J. vd Bos & Zn
  • Freesia DU Volante
    J.W. Prins
  • Germini Banana
    Batist Westmade
  • Germini Bison (orange)
  • Germini Capri (lilac)
    Swing Flowers
  • Germini Petticoat pink zw.h
    Colours Groenewegen
  • Germini Terra Saffier
    Batist Westmade
  • Tee Pee Green Ocean
    Green Connect BV
  • Hydrangea Mag. Ruby red
    Pico Bello Hortensia
  • Hydrangea Schneeball
    Kwekerij de Amstelkant
  • Hydrangea Schneeball
    Kwekerij de Amstelkant
  • Lilies LA Honesty (orange)
  • Limonium Sugar Diamond
    Kwekerij Tonie
  • Limonium Tall Emille
    J. van Baalen
  • Lilies OR, Parrot Pink
    M.M. Duin
  • Lilies OR Medusa
    M.M. Duin
  • Lilies OR Moscow white
    A.&.L. Groenewegen
  • Eustoma G Arena Blue Picotee
    Miracle Flowers
  • Phal. plants white 2 tak
    Ter Laak Orchideeen BV
  • Phal. plants mix 1 tak
    Holland Orchid
  • Phal. plants mix 2 tak
    Ammerlaan Orchideeen
  • Pl. Ficus, bol
    Kwekery de Schenkel BV
  • Pl.Hortensia, wit
    van den Berg Est BV
  • Roses Dolomiti
    Ernst Olieman BV
  • Roses Red Desire (red)
    Zuurbier & Co BV
  • Santini Bautista
    QFG De Hungerenburcht BV
  • Santini Cedis Yellow
    QFG v.d. Westeringh
  • Santini Country (green)
    Kweker niet bekend
  • Santini Vy-gold
    Kweker niet bekend
  • Solidago Tara
    Kwekerij Tonie
  • Statice Donau Birds
    Staticespecialist BV
  • Statice Mad Sun Birds
    Staticespecialist BV

  • 05 juni 2014
    Alstroemeria Paradiso

    New exclusive introduction: Alstroemeria PARADISO

    The Alstroemeria PARADISO is not a regular Alstroemeria. It is a new flower,
    which has been developed by breeder Könst.
    First of all this new Alstroemeria has a special inflorescence. The flowers
    build up to the top of the stem, what gives the flower a good volume. This is
    looking very nice in arrangements and bouquets. Especially for the wedding
    season, which has started already, because the flowers will always open up.
    Also the vase-life is tested for a long period and the results are very

    The grower of this new Alstroemeria is Together2Grow (www.together2grow.nl).
    Together 2 Grow is a partnership of 2 leading cut-flower production companies within the growing of alstroemeria.
    Together 2 Grow is a strong combination of two companies with years of experience both in cultivation and marketing of the flower alstroemeria. Because the Together 2 Grow-nurseries are equipped with the latest technology, the companies are capable of year round growing of high quality products.

    Some specifications:

    • The PARADISO has around 20 white flowers per stem
    • Stems are bunched per 5 heavy stems
    • They will be packed with 40 stems per bucket
    • There are posters available for promotion
    • The PARADISO will be available in 60, 70 and 80 cm
    • This product is only available for the Dutch Flower Group companies 

    How to buy?
    Please contact your sales person for availability and other information or look on our webshop soon, where you can find this new variety under “Theme” and choice “Novelties”


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August 2014
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August 2014

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